My Second Dress


Well, the critics have spoken…

I’m showing too much chest (and all the hair that comes with it), not flashy enough, it’s too short, too long, too black, whatever.

Back to the second-hand stores to have another look.

Picked up an equally short, equally black party dress. This one however, hides my chest and has many hundred, maybe thousand, of sequins. Very sparkly, very chic, hopefully it fits me (update… it does).

Picked up a pearl necklace and bracelet too. The fishnet stockings are in the trunk just waiting to be tried on and there are two new wigs, a long curly blonde and a long straight red to choose from.

I have a makeup artist (son’s girlfriend) coming in early Saturday to try and make me pretty… good luck with that.

The only thing missing was a nice pair of shoes. I looked high and low. There are just no second hand ladies shoes in my size. That’s when my brother-in-law came to the rescue. He has quite the wardrobe (male and female I think) and has found me a pair of black pumps, size eleven. I don’t know what pumps are but who cares, they’ll fit.

I think I’m ready for my debut…



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