The day has finally arrived…

Five and half years of University education gets you a double-major in Anthropology and Geography and in my son’s case a little add-on called the “Parks” option. My son studied at the University of Waterloo and sometimes at home too.

My son truly enjoyed his education and loved to come home and teach us. It was his way of studying. I can’t really say any of it stuck with me but I’m sure it has. For example, I remember the word geomorphology being used a few times but not sure why. I remember buying him his very own Archeology set when we found out that it was a subset of Anthropology… it never got used.

Near the end, we noticed he was getting tired of the whole thing. He still talks about going back for his Masters or PhD or maybe even a College course. Time will tell.

For now, we are off to his graduation… I’ll keep you all posted.

Rushing around, arrived late, picked up the gown, found a seat… now we wait. 

Ceremony has started, 800 graduates came in, sat down and we all started listening to speeches. 

Josh just went up for his diploma. A proud moment. 

Now we can party and he can start looking for a job 🙂


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