It’s everywhere…

I got up early today, too early for a Saturday. My usual routine is to read a while then maybe go for a bike ride. I did the reading thing but it was too gloomy to go out for a ride. The trails would be wet and it looked like more rain was in the offing.

I went to the basement to get my Mac, maybe play around with Photoshop.

On the way I noticed all the stuff. The basement is not a room we use to live in so it becomes a place to put stuff. We can close the door and nobody notices.

Today I stopped short and reflected a bit on all the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years. Some of it useful, some of it seasonal, some of it just waiting to be used but a lot of it simply forgotten. Sometimes I’ll go looking for something particular and never find it, forcing me to buy another, only to be found weeks, months or years later.

I suppose it’s the same for most people and the amount really depends on how much space you have.

Then I stepped into the office we built for our son with it’s walnut floors, faux brick wall, nautical lights, bookshelves and the clutter was forgotten. I grabbed my Mac, walked back through the basement and there was all that stuff again!

Now I’m sitting in my living room, Photoshop forgotten, with clutter on my mind.

There’s only one thing to do… write about it.


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