PSJ11 Pencil Sketch


Photoshop Journey #11…

For today’s journey, I kept to my promise to keep working with photographs. In this case I started with a photo taken by my son. Who can be seen, twice, in the reflection.

I was dressed up in a wig and dress for Fabulous themed party. I zoomed into the sunglasses to see his reflection, cropped the rest, then opened Photoshop.

I used a technique taken from a tutorial called Pencil Drawing (Sketch Effect) – Photoshop Tutorial. I was really after something a little different. A pencil sketch effect with a little more detail in the glasses to show the photographer(s).

There are many tutorials available to create a pencil sketch effect, this one however was a little different. Didn’t go anywhere near Photoshop’s Filter Gallery. I really liked the freedom it gave me to come up with something unique. If I were to change anything, I would have used my Wacom tablet instead of the mouse, would have given me a little more control.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Make a copy of the original photo (good practice, nothing to do with the end result)
  2. Desaturate it (fancy word for removing all the colour)
  3. Add a new layer under it, filled with the colour white
  4. Added a black layer mask to the desaturated photo layer
  5. Using a Flat Blunt Short Stiff brush, painting in white, in a cross-hatch pattern
  6. Using the above brush but smaller now, painted the glasses to add detail
  7. Same brush, smaller again to add greater detail to the reflected photographer

That’s it… took about ten minutes.

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