Best Friends

I’m in the middle of reading a book, a murder mystery. At one point in the story, the father of an accused murderer was talking to his son’s ex-best friends.  ‘Ex’ because of the circumstances.

In one line the ex-best friend says, when asked if he is still best friends with his son, something about how kids change, people get older, drift apart, etc… 

Funny hearing that from a young person in a book. He was only fourteen. Not so funny how close to reality this is. Obviously, an accusation of murder can muddy the waters. Take that away though… and it still seems to be the case. 

As an adult, the concept of best friend changes I think. At least it has for me. There is no single best friend anymore, just a bunch of good friends. No favouritism. 

Not sure why and not sure it means anything. It was just something that made me go “hmmm” this morning. 


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