Hotel TV


How many times have you arrived at your hotel room, maybe after a long trip, put your feet up and with nothing better to do… turn the TV on.

Mine didn’t work…

I fiddled with the complicated remote, buttons on both sides! I turned it off and on again a few times, but had no luck. I debated calling the front desk (who would probably ask me to turn it off and on again) then decided to pull out the iPad instead.

I launched Netflix, went to the Suggestions section and found an old classic; X-Files. I was never a huge fan of the series but watched an episode every now and then. There are 202 episodes spanning nine years. I watched the first two tonight.

But that TV was really bugging me…

Started playing with it again, I am technical after all. Disconnected some cables, played around with the remote a little more, all to no avail. It just won’t work… bloody junk. Left it unplugged.

Pulled out the iPad again, this time to read a book.


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