Short Stories


It’s been a week since I last wrote something…

There was no shortage of topics, just never sat down and put ink to paper.

The Tesla – it happened while heading back to the hotel after a long day at work – turning left onto a busy street. There was a brand new Tesla on my right. He or she decided to turn into my lane. Now Tesla’s are fast, but not that fast. He or she couldn’t make it in time and had to wait for me to make my turn. Once turned, the Tesla went around me like I was standing still. I caught a glimpse of the Diplomatic Plates and immediately thought of Lethal Weapon 2 when bad guys yells out “Diplomatic Immunity” before being taken down. I can imagine that driver yelling something similar from behind the very dark tinted windows.

Rib Fest Ottawa – one evening, took some time away from the grind to walk up and down Sparks Street. The pedestrian walkway was awash with smoke. Making your mouth water at every step. There were long lineups at every stand where large trophies were proudly displayed. Seems like every BBQ Team was a winner at some point in time. Too bad I don’t like ribs.

FIFA Women’s World Cup – a friend was kind enough to find us some tickets for Game 39 at this year’s Women’s World Cup. Got to see Germany play Sweden, the ladies played very well, on both sides. Germany 4 – Sweden 1. Knowing it was going to be hot, I came prepared… long sleeve shirt, sunblock on ears, nose and neck and finally a new headscarf made from 97% bamboo (forgot the other one at home). Watching some of the games on TV I was struck by how many seats were empty and naturally expected the same in Ottawa. Landsdowne Park Stadium was sold out!

Back Pain – woke one day to some lower back pain. Don’t know why… didn’t lift anything heavy, didn’t sleep funny, didn’t make any sudden movements and didn’t do anything strenuous. It might have been the minimalistic shoes I was wearing, the smell of ribs or maybe just punishment for not exercising enough while away. Pills didn’t help and neither did the three pints of beer. I’ll just have to live with it.

There you have it… some short stories that would have turned into much longer ones had I taken the time to write them down when they happened.


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