Fun with Traffic Jams


Driving to work today, got stuck in traffic. A normal everyday occurrence, a typical commute.

The secret to keeping your sanity, I believe, is to have a little fun…

One game I like to play, has me keeping track of a particularly memorable truck to see how many times I pass him or he passes me. I’m pretty sure the lane on the right is the fastest but when the same truck passes me three times, I start to wonder.

Another is the ten-minute run. Typically, once I pass beneath the Mississauga Road bridge, it takes me ten minutes to get to Starbucks. If things are running smooth, maybe nine minutes. If it’s really slow about fifteen. The interesting thing to me is the psychological effect of a really slow day, how long the drive feels. That extra six minutes can drive a person crazy!

Then there’s the counting game. Keeping your hands on the wheel at all times, observing all the rules of the road, count how many Fords or Hondas or any other vehicle you see on the day’s commute. The count doesn’t have to be accurate. Do it again next Wednesday. Did the number go up? Down?

Finally, and you have to be brave for this one, turn on your favourite music and sing along. Be proud, smile at your fellow commuters a lot. Use the steering wheel like a drum, staying in control of course. If you want some inspiration, watch this video. It’s staged, for a good cause, but you’ll get the point.

My point is that there is nothing you can do about the situation so you might as well have a little fun.


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