Traffic Jammin


On the way home from work yesterday, got caught in a traffic jam… another one. I kept count, there was one on the way in to work, one leaving work then one closer to home.

The one close to home was the most frustrating, a rare occurrence.

When we finally got to the cause, I was surprised. Normally, I get to the cause and scowl or curse under my breath. I don’t get road rage but I still roll my eyes, say things I shouldn’t but usually with the windows closed.

But, in this case, I had to smile…

There was a large tow truck, with a large passenger van being loaded. The van belonged to a Baptist Church.

On the side of the road, singing their hearts out was church choir. Hips were swinging, arms were waving and they were all terribly happy! Possibly praying for a new van… I hope they get it.

Made me forget the traffic jam and made me feel good at the same time.


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