Chunky Juice


I was wandering through the beverage section of a boutique style sandwich shop recently, trying to decide what to drink while my strawberry spinach salad was being made.

I’m not a soda drinker so I skipped that cooler. I wanted a bottle of water but all they had were these miniature bottles that were cute, but quite pricey. Paying extra for something less didn’t appeal to me that day.

I moved on the the next cooler where there was a large selection of juices. I chose a wheat grass / aloe blend. It guaranteed to keep me awake, not get sunburnt or maybe something else, don’t remember. To be honest, my decision was largely based on the cool square bottle more than anything else. It cost a little more than the miniature bottle of water but was twice the size and square.

By this time, my salad was ready… I paid and left, feeling healthy without actually eating yet. Went looking for a good place to sit and enjoy my boutique meal.

You don’t really need to drink much when eating a salad so I saved my fancy bottle for the afternoon meeting, maybe I could show it off. A while later, getting a little thirsty, I cracked that bottle open and took a long, hard drink.

There were chunks!

Now this caught me completely off guard and I almost spit the stuff out. However, that wouldn’t be appropriate in the middle of the meeting. Reading the label closely I realized this was absolutely normal and nothing had gone bad, bottle had a best before date of July. I guess the chunks were wheat grass and aloe.

So I drank it, chunks and all. Didn’t feel any different afterwards and there were no ill effects.

But it was still weird…


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