The Weatherman


Rain you think?

All week I’ve been thinking of going for a bike ride this weekend, haven’t been in a couple weeks, work has interfered.

Right now it’s dry but the forecast doesn’t look good. I like riding my bike, a lot, but not in the rain. Can be very uncomfortable and you get that streak of mud up your back… a little unsightly. A fashion faux-pas.

Tomorrow is not looking much better but I’m determined to get out for a ride, rain or shine this weekend. Might have to wear a dark shirt, or something with vertical stripes.

If you look at the screenshot above, you’ll see the weatherman is not really sure of his forecast until at least 1PM. Even then, he’s only sure for an hour. Up until 1PM he’s crossing his fingers, rolling the dice.

I’m no weatherman but I do know a little bit about numbers, use them everyday at work and was always good in math. Once again, looking at the screenshot above; if there is a 30% chance of rain at 9AM, that implies there is a 70% chance of no rain, right? So why do they show a rain cloud?

Deceiving I think…


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