PSJ12 3D Button


Photoshop Journey #12…

Yes, it’s back to creating something from nothing. I found that doing Photoshop challenges with actual photos was using up too much space. I’m still doing them, just not sharing in this space.

For this week’s challenge, I decided to create a button, a 3D button

I got this idea (let’s face it… copied this idea) from a tutorial on YouTube; Glossy Orb: Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – ChromeDesignsHD. I would say this is very close to the basic level, not that hard and won’t take you too long. As with most of these tutorials, try to stray a little to make it your own.

Here are the steps I took to create the button:

  1. Start with a white background
  2. Create a black ellipse then a smaller one on another layer
  3. Several effects added to both; Bevel & Emboss, Colour Overlay, Outer Glow, Drop Shadow, to name a few
  4. Add some text, I used my initials. Rotated a bit then added some effects; Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Drop Shadow
  5. Added three white ellipses with a gradient and finally adding blur to create the illusion of glare
  6. Finally, added a white orb behind the letters and softened it up a bit to add a little depth

Really wasn’t that hard. I learned the importance of using gradients properly on this challenge. I had them backwards and it didn’t look right at all. Deleted those layers and started again, getting a much better result.

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