Kayak Carrier


The perfect unboxing… or so I thought.

I have three kayaks, two are for leisure, maybe fishing and the third is for whitewater. That last one is still on my list of things to get better at.

Needing a better way to carry these things, I purchased, quite a while ago, a couple Kayak Carriers. I’ve seen them called “J Racks” since they look a little like a “J”. Once installed on your vehicle, you just throw the kayaks up there, tie them down and off you go.

So I thought, especially after the last post, that I should do an unboxing. After all, I had two boxes. I could practice on the first one, hone my skills, then make an official unboxing with the second.

Problem was, they came out of the box fully assembled, wasn’t that exciting. I had a few tools set aside, ready to do battle with some cryptic instructions. There were some tie down straps and ropes to play with but that’s about it.

I figured, even if I took my time, the unboxing would last exactly ten seconds. That could earn me a record for the quickest unboxing but there was no value in doing it. They are very nice and rugged. Here’s a link to the Swagman Contour racks in case you are interested.

I put the tools away and went back to my book. Tomorrow I’ll install the new racks, make sure they work as advertised, then head to the river, or lake.


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