The Rental

It’s off to the nation’s capital once again… this time in a rental.

All the pooled vehicles are either spoken for or in the garage. The company has some seriously good deals for renting cars and extends the exact same pricing to employees for personal use as well.

I booked online, much easier than I thought. Most fields automatically entered based on my company’s profile… including all those complicated insurance questions.

The maximum you can pay in any given week is for five days. Days six and seven included and always unlimited mileage. You really can’t beat these prices. I looked around to compare just for laughs.

Picked up my vehicle, got the scratch and dent tour, pointed out a couple scratches that ended up being bird droppings, got in and drove away. Deciding to play with all the buttons later.

The backup camera caused some confusion. In my eagerness to use it, I almost hit a car backing out of a parking spot… twice. Lucky my other backup system was there… my wife.

I’m thinking this might be a good way to try out different styles of vehicles, especially if one is thinking about making a change.


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