Laying Sod


I learnt a thing or two about sod today…

Yes it’s green, heavy, especially in those new two by five foot rolls and it’s messy.

I bought four rolls, to replace some weed infested areas of my lawn. It was supposed to be easier than weeding. First thing I learned… bring gloves or wipes or paper towels… anything to clean your hands after helping yourself to the sod. Nobody helps you anymore, it’s up to you. Select a roll that looks nice and green and throw it in your trunk. Hopefully you remembered to bring a tarp. I did.

So I’m home with the sod, laid a roll down, cut around it then started pulling out the old, weed-infested, stuff. It was really hard to dig out… back-breaking work. Then I ran out. Didn’t measure right. Another thing I learnt, measure twice.

The next day it rained so I ended up finishing a couple days later… today.

Picked up a couple more rolls, this time it was much, much easier to dig the sod out. Guess the rain softened it. That was the last thing I learnt.

So here are my tips for those of you replacing sod:

  1. Bring gloves and a tarp when you pickup your sod
  2. Measure twice, maybe even three times
  3. Wet the ground thoroughly the day before you plan on digging

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