Vacation 2015


It’s finally here…

Our summer vacation officially starts today. Two weeks away from work which happened to coincide with the weather turning a little cooler. In fact, it’s the first time in many weeks, we’ve had our air conditioner turned off… enjoying the cool air coming through the windows.

By having our vacation so late we sometimes miss all the really hot weather – a necessary evil for those beach days. This year however, we have something else in mind.

In years past, we would go camping for two weeks at a time. At first in a tent trailer and eventually graduating to a travel trailer. Even Oliver the cat would join us. As we were always near a lake of some kind, we’d arrange to bring our sailboat too.

We’ve outgrown the trailers, sold the boat and are thinking of doing something closer to home… right in our backyard.

Vacation is really about your state of mind. We all work very hard in our family and taking these couple weeks to unwind, relax and have a little fun will be most welcome. I’ll probably fail to ignore the tsunami of email that arrive via the ubiquitous smartphone but at least I won’t respond.

We have a few small day-trips planned and I hope to get in a few hundred kilometres on the bike. Maybe the kayaks will come out of storage or maybe I’ll finally get that new fly rod out (I know absolutely nothing about fly fishing but want to learn). I have some ideas for YouTube videos that I can work on and maybe I’ll even put my feet up.

Of the highest priority though, will be thinking, designing and dreaming of our very own backyard resort.

I’ll let you know how we fared in two weeks time…



    1. That has always been my belief too. I get away a lot with work so I get a change of scenery often. My wife and son however, are stuck at home… they are the big winners.
      We’ll still travel.

      1. Yeah. I used to do a lot of *staycations* and day trips and roll over vacation days every year. Then I realized that this was counterproductive. We do at least one big vacation a year but almost always plans a getaway.

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