Pool Design 101

Grignon, Dan_009

Day One of our Summer Vacation was mostly spent in the company of Ashton Pools in Kitchener, Ontario.

We had an appointment with their designer to see what a pool might look like in our backyard. I figured an hour or so…

We had such a good time working with Melissa and Jim to design our very own backyard resort that we lost track of time. We had spent over four hours with them! Never once did the owner, Jim, or Melissa rush us, being very patient the entire time. A totally enjoyable experience.

The purpose of today’s post however, is to talk about the truly startling nature of 3D pool design. I was asked to send in a few photos of our backyard, from four different angles, along with a photo of the back of our home. Using Pool Studio, Ashton Pools were able to show us our backyard with the actual pool we liked, along with a cabana, decking, water feature and landscaping… all in real-time.

To put it mildly… we were shocked!

From the very beginning we felt like we were in our very own backyard, with all the trees, the shed, the deck, our home and even the bird bath! It was fascinating. The software was even able to simulate the sun rising and setting in a very realistic way. The water feature, which we designed from scratch, had running water and the fire pit had a nice little fire. All animated, all very realistic.

The photo above, is only one of many (click to see larger size) that were generated by the software. Many were sent to us via email and some were printed for immediate gratification.

If you are thinking of getting a pool someday, you absolutely have to go through this process. You get a much better idea of what your backyard resort might look like and it’s a lot of fun too!


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