Road Trip


We’re on the road today… heading to Ottawa. This time for fun… not work.

There are a few small road trips planned over the next couple weeks. A couple parties to attend and some more backyard planning to do.

I’m looking forward to it, the road trip I mean.

Nothing like a good road trip to get the juices flowing. New things to see and do, new places to see and experience. It’s one of the things I look forward to when retirement finally arrives… a few years off.

The plan is to leave early, grab a bite to eat, get on the open highway, jumping on the ETR (Express Toll Route) over the top of Toronto to avoid most of the traffic. Stop at Starbucks in Ajax to load up on caffeine, then maybe at the Big Apple in Colborne to pickup an apple pie, then finally… our destination… Kanata.

Once there, we are in for some serious relaxation.

UPDATE: Starbucks gave me the wrong drink. Got back on the highway before tasting. Had to stop and trade it in 50km later… it was still hot!

UPDATE: stopped for pie at the Big Apple.  According to the sign they have sold 4,922,534 pies. Plus the one I just bought. 


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