Halloween Lego

It’s Halloween!

One of my very favourite times of year. Typically, my son Josh and I will pull out all the stops and decorate the front of our house for the occasion. Here are just some of the things we pull out of storage:

  • Fog machines (a personal favourite)
  • A coffin
  • Pumpkins, both real and fake
  • Skeletons
  • Cobwebs
  • Strobe lights to simulate lightning (we have the thunder sounds too)
  • Gravestones
  • etc…

An excerpt from Wikipedia on Halloween

Halloween, or Hallowe’en; a contraction of “All Hallows’ Evening”), also known as Allhallowwen, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.

However… this year is different. We have a few pumpkins on the porch, not carved and one solitary fake one. That’s it. A poor showing. We all got busy with other things and just couldn’t get into it.  My son’s girlfriend was and still is very disappointed we didn’t decorate the place.

We’ll make up for it next year.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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