Do We Need DST?


Love it or hate it… it’s that time of year, for those that take part in this ritual, to change the clocks. I changed all the clocks in the house later in the morning. Felt good to get up at 7am, start reading a good book then turn back the clocks later on to get another hour of reading in. Something satisfying about that.

There are as many stories as there is controversy over the need for this twice-per-year activity.

There was an interesting article on CBC News’ site: End of daylight saving time 2015: 6 eye-opening facts.

Daylight saving time was proposed by New Zealand scientist George Hudson in 1895, and first used in Germany during the First World War with the goal of saving energy. The idea is to take advantage of daylight hours in the spring so that people don’t sleep through the first few hours of sunshine.

Not all countries take advantage of Daylight Savings Time. In fact, there are some countries, like my very own – Canada, that have regional differences. For a full list of who does and who doesn’t take advantage of Daylight Savings, visit this page on Wikipedia: Daylight Saving Time by Country.

Do we still need it?

According to the folks at Standard Time, we should scrap it. They go on to make a good argument (check their site out for the whole story). The biggest reason appears to be how much energy we can save…

STANDARDTIME.COM SAYS: If we are saving energy let’s go year round with Daylight Saving Time. If we are not saving energy let’s drop Daylight Saving Time!

Personally, I’m with Standard Time… it’s just too complicated to change the clock in some cars. I’ve wasted a lot of energy on this one task alone.


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