Bullies in the Military


Struggling on what to write about today. Thought maybe I’d try something new… current events that make me want to say “Really?”.

So here we go with Episode #1: Bullies not welcome in the Canadian military by THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN. This story, at first glance, defies our expectations of what a military machine, sometimes needs to be… a bully. Not in that bad way most of us think when we hear the term but more in help-the-downtrodden-against-the-bad-guy sense.

Upon reading the story, you’ll find the story is about racist remarks made against Canada’s newest Defense Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan. This is bullying in it’s truest sense and not something to be tolerated… shame on that individual.

My first post on current events that makes me want to shout “Really?” is not so much about the story but how the headline made me think one way at first glance and another way upon reading the story. Therein lies the danger of reading only the large print.


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