Pool Cleaning


The new pool is almost installed…

It’s mid-November in Canada and there’s no snow on the ground… yet. Because we are still under construction, the pool hasn’t been closed. The pump is not hooked up so there no easy way to clean the pool.

We back onto a forest and the leaves are attracted to that new pool like some weird leaf magnet. Not much different than our front yard. There is a very small window of opportunity before they become waterlogged and sink, making the job a little more challenging. We even have water beetles! Where did they come from?

I’m scooping the leaves and beetles (maybe the same ones) out daily – it’s oddly therapeutic.

Yesterday I went the extra mile and got the scrub brush thing out of the box. Scrubbed the walls, moved all the sand and small stones (from construction) to the deep end. From there, who knows… maybe a submersible pump.

We purchased a robotic pool cleaner that works independently of the pool pump. Works great but I worry the sand could cause it to jam. Lets face it, you don’t usually have sand and gravel in your pool. It’s a construction phase thing.

I can see myself next summer, vacuuming the pool once a day, giving RC (the robot’s nickname) nothing to do beyond being a conversation piece. Currently working on mounting my GoPro to it.

But what I really want, right now, is to jump in. It looks so damned inviting… and clean.


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