Odds ‘N Ends…(Week 47)

Miscellaneous “things” that happened in the past few days…

  1. The garage door is fixed.  New springs installed…apparently these ones are good for 50,000 cycles!!  New nylon rollers installed, and lubricated…can barely hear the thing going up and down…it’s eerie (by the way, thanks goes out to my brother at Golbing for pointing out that I spelled eerie wrong in the original post, where I referred to the “lake” not the spooky thing).
  2. Got a new toy for work today, it can be best described as a Palm Pilot/Cell Phone/Bar Code Scanner all in one.  I have never seen anything like it before!  Click here to see the beast.
  3. Starting a new book today; The Face of the Assassin, looks like a good read…we’ll see.
  4. Donated blood yesterday, it was fitting that I gave yesterday since I watched a riveting episode of True Blood that I had recorded from the night before.
  5. Have you ever heard of this band; Dream Theater.  My son is over-the-top for this band…I have listened to some of their songs and I have to agree, they are very good…maybe you should have a listen.  My son calls the genre Progressive Metal ???

That’s it for now.  I felt like writing a new post but really didn’t have anything exciting to say.


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