day 4, still in vancouver…

(originally this post said “day 5…”, that was a mistake, supposed to be day 4… thanks Chip!)

More training today, included a field trip to China Town.

After work, went site seeing again… this time to Burnaby Mountain Park where we saw all the totem poles surrounded by one of the great views surrounding Vancouver.  After we had our fill of mountain views we drove to Stanley Park, this is a really nice park close to the City with some really old trees, nice views, lots of running / biking paths, and even a beach with palm trees!  Took some nice shots of the Lions Gate Bridge and saw the ferry heading out to Vancouver island.

We were going to have supper somewhere different tonight but were inexorably drawn to Granville Island AGAIN!  Had an Indian dinner again, unbelievable!

Got back to hotel, settled in, got thirsty and went to liquor store… finally able to get Kokanee Gold!  That’s it…


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  1. What the hell happened on Day 4?? You can’t leave anything out! Some of us (me) are living vicariously through you out there!! As for the F250 comment – some of us have to drive those beasts every day! You are just spoiled with the fancy wheels you’ve had lately. You seem to be having a good time touring the area so far. Very glad to hear it. Did Paul G get hammered on his first 6 oz beer or was he able to handle 2?!

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