day 5, vancouver pub crawl…

Went to work for some more technical training in the morning followed by administrative training in the afternoon.

After work, Pat, Paul, Cal, and Dan returned to hotel to freshen up which consisted of…..drinks.  I like going back to our hotel, it’s very nice, but I already told you that.

We headed downtown to take in some of the local color, found Joey and stopped in for supper.  Joey’s is a great place to go, comes highly recommended by me… good food, great beer, awesome atmosphere, check it out sometime.  Finished eating when John, John, and Randy arrived to help us out with our final round… that’s when the ‘pub-crawl’ idea surfaced.

Went for a walk-about on Robson Street.  Last time I was here, Robson was busy, tonight it was partially shut down for pedestrian traffic only and was very busy, lots of people, lots of excitement.  Discovered ‘Two Parrots Perch & Grill’ and perched for a round.  Met some guys, like us, here to work the Olympic Games, they were from France.  Although we didn’t try them, their specialty was ‘Parrot Wings’, I’m assuming painted chickens…

Walking (in circles) brought us to the underground ice rink, it stretches from one side of the street to the other… under glass in spots, under the road in other spots… cool, cold too.  Official name is “Robson Square Ice Rink”.

Returning close to where we started (we should have finished…) brought us to ‘The Lennox Pub’.  This is where we closed out the night, after several rounds, with shooters; the infamous ‘Prairie Fire’.  Suggestion; stay as far away from this Tequila/Tobasco concoction as you can… took me a day to recover.

We probably did more tonight, but I can’t quite recall what… in fact, I found some pictures on my camera that I don’t remember taking…


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