day 6, vancouver, day off…

NO WORK TODAY!  Did the tourist thing…

Day started a little rough, can’t figure out why… skipped breakfast.

Pat, Paul, Cal, and Dan started their day at Capilano Suspension Bridge, neat place with boardwalks going every which way, including way up in the trees and of course there’s the famous suspension bridge, took lots of pictures… check my Flickr page in a few days.

Drove to Grouse Mountain, don’t have a whole lot to say about this although I am starting to feel a little better 🙂

Continued on to Cypress Mountain where some Olympic events are to be held, saw some snow being trucked in.  Couldn’t get all the way in, despite my charm.  Settled for the look-out point where we ran into Paul, John, Jason, and Gordon… they were on there way up the mountain on legitimate business.  Spoke to some RCMP officers and spread more of our good cheer…

Continued up the Trans Canada Highway to Horseshoe Bay.  Pretty little town, unbelievable view from every corner.  Pat and I will be taking the ferry from here to Nanaimo in March.  Had lunch…

Re-visited Stanley Park, Pat missed it the first time around, besides it was dark then.  Took some pictures at the ‘hollow tree’ and some of Paul’s first “swim” in the Pacific.

Returned to hotel… did laundry… wow.

Dinner time found us, again, at Granville Island via the water taxi… love that thing!  Walked around the market, had one of those awesome lattes, even got Paul to try one, think he liked it???  Went for dinner at Sammy J. Peppers, pretty good spot, good food too.  Saw some athletes from Slovakia…  Walked around market while Paul visited with family.

Drove Pat back to his hotel in Richmond, saw The ROO, Richmond Olympic Oval all lit up… beautiful.  Returned to hotel to pack up, tomorrow we leave for Whistler… bye for now.


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