mar.10.2010 golden gate bridge…

Got up today and decided to do the 49 Mile Scenic Drive… the route takes you all around San Francisco.  Half way through the drive we parked at the Golden Gate Bridge and walked across.  Took almost two hours… quite the view.  We continued on through the various parks, the Presidio and Seal Rocks too… no seals today.

After lunch we took the Bay Bridge to Berkley… drove through the University while there… wow.

Back at hotel, rested our weary feet… even though we drove.  Went down to the O Izakaya Lounge for happy hour.  Premium draft beer was $3… that’s right $3 each.  Our total tab came to $12… that’s right $12.  I have to say it twice, still can’t believe it.  Went across the street to some Japanese restaurant for supper… I’m still not sold on miso soup.

That’s it…

Sorry about the earlier post… was frustrated with the internet service, had to abandon.


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