The Weekender


There’s luggage and there’s Pelican luggage…

I came across these while looking for something else… an accident really.

The Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage line is quite unique and worth looking into. Watertight, crushproof and lightweight, according to their web page. On impulse, a friend and I purchased the EL27 Elite Weekender model. Larger than a carry-on, smaller than a trunk, perfect for those week-long business trips.

Two things caught my eye; the Pelican name and the Orange trim.

Pelican because I’m familiar with the brand, having used their cases for many years. They are rugged beyond belief. I have them with dents, scratches and deep gouges yet the insides are always pristine. Like it’s never been used.

Orange because… I just like the colour.

Took quite a while to get it as they were not widely available. When I finally got it, I did an unboxing video, got it all wrong and never published it. A week later, I got to use it on a business trip. It was much better than expected, lots of room, rolled easily on rough surfaces (wheels even have stainless steel hubs) and there are all these cool accessories. I loved it.

Then I saw the crack in that beautiful orange trim…

I got in contact with Pelican who suggested I send it in for warranty work. As you can imagine, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea. But, having no choice, I followed their instructions. Sent it in last Monday, got a brand new one back on Friday! I was impressed. Even more impressed with the email updates I received between those days giving me details of my warranty claim.

The service alone is a good reason to buy Pelican luggage. The fact that it’s rugged, waterproof, crushproof, has orange trim and even carries your clothing, is all a bonus.


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