The Bumpy Road to Weight Loss


Many people go through this phase at one time or another, maybe it’s the shock you got one morning on the bathroom scale or maybe it’s those pants that are a little tight or maybe, dammit, you just want to get healthy. Not sure where I fit, maybe a combination of all those.

I have never really been that big, 5’10″/192 pounds at my peak. I play soccer every Friday, year round, but that exercise was followed by the pub. Soccer + Pub = No Weight Loss.

The real game changer turned out to be the spinning I took up about four years ago. The pounds started falling over the next several months. With the excitement of weight loss, I decided to set a goal of 175 pounds but was never able to get past the 185 pound mark – the proverbial brick wall. I knew my diet was part of the problem but you can’t take on too many lifestyle changes at once, that’s a recipe for failure.

A colleague showed me a book he had been reading and thought I might like it. I bought the book, on a whim, the same day. The book; Younger Next Year was an interesting read. I won’t get into what the book is all about except to say that the message is simple yet profound. Get the book, you won’t be disappointed.

So I took the book, adapted the message to my own lifestyle and started shedding more weight. Once again, I didn’t really change my diet significantly. Here’s my routine: Monday-Weights, Tuesday-Spinning, Wednesday-Weights, Thursday-Spinning, Friday-Soccer, Saturday-Weights, Sunday-Spinning. Each one of these activities takes about an hour, not a huge investment.

I reached my goal several weeks ago and have been hovering within 2-3 pounds ever since. It wasn’t easy, takes dedication and certain lifestyle changes. I definitely feel better and healthier. I remember the day I reached my goal, a big smile on my face, a sense of accomplishment but no balloons or fireworks. The thing about ‘goals’ is that once you reach them, you need another, that’s what keeps you in the game. My next challenge is to eat better, I’m expecting this one to be much harder.

Note: the graph shown above is my actual weight over the last year and a bit. I use the Lose It! app to log my weight, food intake and exercise.